Moria Evolution 3 Microkeratome


Moria Evolution 3 Microkeratome Features:
• Offers two forward speeds allowing customization of flap thickness, as well as flexibility to manage various corneal geometries.
• The Moria EVO 3 has two high performance pumps which rapidly create stable vacuum.
• Includes a low vacuum option facilitating extremely gentle flap manipulation on reverse pass and secure globe fixation during laser ablation.
• The EVO 3 has a "slow vacuum release" option provides gentle onset and release to minimize patient discomfort and potential retinal trauma.
• The Moria EVO 3 Microkeratome runs on wall current, with built-in back up battery for uninterrupted use.
• The system continuously monitors all key parameters and confirms status through visual and audible signals.
• The Moria EVO 3 Microkeratome operates the Epi-K, the One Use-Plus, the M2 Single Use and the ALTK-CBm System for corneal keratoplasty.

Added on: 2022-07-22