Laserex Integre 532 Green Laser


The Ellex Integre® is the first and only green laser that integrates the laser cavity and slit lamp in an efficient, self-contained design. This fully integrated design ensures more stable, reliable, and consistent energy. It, also, minimizes system downtime because there are no exposed fiber-optic or electrical cables to accidentally damage. Designed for offices and outpatient clinics, the Ellex Integre® features a unique True Spot™ optical system that delivers a sharp-edged, uniform laser spot at the retina. The result is consistent and repeatable tissue effect for precise treatment of a number of retinal conditions.

With the Ellex Integre®, you will experience greater control, precision, and efficiency while delivering maximum care to your patients.

Designed to Maximize Your Workflow
Ellex has integrated the laser and slit lamp for greater efficiency and reliability, as well as for improved ease of use. The Integre’s compact, efficient design provides you with additional working space and convenient, simultaneous access to the patient and laser controls.

True Spot™ Optics

The Integre’s True Spot™ optical system ensures that you are able to work with a uniform, sharp-edged, top-hat beam on the retina with the comfort of low power density at the cornea.
Superior Energy Distribution

The Integre® delivers even energy across the full diameter of the spot, from the beginning to the end of exposure, without creating hot spots. This is because we use the highest quality optics and laser omponents in the industry, with real-time, active light feedback. The active light feedback continuously monitors and adjusts power output throughout each exposure.

Superior Viewing
The Integre’s unique 10-degree convergence angle of viewing paths and high-resolution optics, improve depth perception and create a better stereo angle for superior peripheral viewing.

Added on: 2022-05-28